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Goal Math - Door Knocking Revenue Math

Real Estate Math Masterclass: Maximizing Your Commission Potential

This comprehensive course is designed to help real estate agents master the math behind setting, tracking, and achieving their commission goals. Through a series of lessons, you'll gain insights into hourly rates, door knocking math, and negotiating commissions, as well as tips for staying motivated and organized.

Course Outline:

  1. Mastering Commission Math: Setting and Defining Your Income Goals

    • Creating a plan
    • Understanding the basics of hourly rates
    • Calculating and setting your hourly rate
    • Factoring in expenses and negotiating your hourly rate
    • Adjusting your goal and estimating potential earnings
    • Calculating your goal
  2. Unraveling Door Knocking Math and Revenue

    • Understanding door knocking math and revenue
    • Calculating door knocking math and revenue
    • Analyzing door knocking math and revenue
    • Maximizing door knocking math and revenue
  3. Staying Organized and Motivated

    • Tracking progress and comparing to goals for course correction
    • Prioritizing tasks and creating a schedule
    • Maintaining motivation
  4. Section 1: Mastering the Basics of Negotiation

    • What is negotiation?
    • Different types of negotiation
    • Preparing for negotiation
    • Negotiation strategies and tactics in real estate
    • Closing the deal
  5. Section 2: Negotiating Commission as a Realtor

    • Understanding commission structures
    • Negotiating commission rates and other fees
    • Understanding the contract
  6. Video Lessons:

    • Intro to commission goals
    • The listing math formulas behind commission goals
    • My math wall: The listing math formula
    • The commission math for goal setting
    • My math wall: Adding in the commission math
    • Summary of goal math & reminders about using this math
    • Setting your revenue goal
    • Knocking towards your revenue goals
    • It's not enough to set a revenue goal, you must work for it
    • Consideration 1: Where to farm
    • Consideration 2: Where to farm
    • Where not to farm: Networking groups
    • Module wrap-up

By participating in this Real Estate Math Masterclass, you'll develop a thorough understanding of the various factors that contribute to your success as a real estate agent, specifically in terms of commission earnings. With a mix of video lessons, expert advice, and real-life examples, you'll be well-equipped to set achievable commission goals, track your progress, and navigate negotiations with confidence.