Realtor Template Bundle



  • Sellers Guide Template - A 20-page comprehensive guide for your clients.
  • Feature Sheet Templates - 2 distinct styles to showcase property highlights.
  • Instagram Templates - 3 unique styles to enhance your social media presence.
  • Coupon Templates - 2 versatile styles to promote your services.
  • Area Flyer / Sold Flyer - 2-page template to market local properties.

Realtor Template Master Bundle

This comprehensive package is designed to revolutionize your real estate marketing efforts. Here's a sneak peek of what you're about to learn: Realtor Template Master Bundle: Discover our all-in-one solution, featuring professionally designed templates that help you create stunning marketing materials with ease. Benefits of the Bundle: Save time, money, and effort while focusing on your primary goal – selling real estate. Aesthetics of Marketing Material: Understand the importance of visually appealing materials and their impact on brand identity, emotions, communication, and showcasing properties. Color Psychology and Social Media Algorithms: Learn how our Agent Renovation Templates leverage color psychology to appeal to clients and perform well with social media algorithms. The Realtor Template Master Bundle is tailored to meet the needs of real estate professionals and includes: 20-page Sellers Guide Template 2 Feature Sheet Templates 3 Instagram Templates 2 Coupon Templates 2-page Area Flyer / Sold Flyer These templates are easily customizable and designed with modern graphics that set them apart from the typical cookie-cutter materials used by most agents. By using the Realtor Template Master Bundle, you can elevate the visual appeal of your marketing materials and leave a lasting impression on your clients. In summary, the Realtor Template Master Bundle is your go-to solution for crafting professional documents efficiently. With this combination of winning templates, you are sure to achieve outstanding results in no time. So, dive in and discover how the Realtor Template Master Bundle can elevate your real estate marketing game!

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Coupon Master Class


Top features

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of real estate coupons and their role in marketing strategies.
  • Learn how to effectively partner with local businesses and build strong community relationships.
  • Track and monitor partnerships using a visual CRM system, gaining valuable insights into collaboration patterns.
  • Create compelling and effective coupons for local businesses, maximizing their marketing potential.
  • Understand the considerations when deciding between price or percentage discounts for marketing campaigns.
  • Discover strategies to obtain free marketing as a realtor, leveraging partnerships and resources.
  • Explore different types of coupons and their applications in real estate marketing.
  • Gain insights into community coupon options and choices, allowing for customization and flexibility.
  • Learn about the importance of an oil tank scan in real estate transactions and how to incorporate it into coupons.
  • Get practical tips for organizing and preparing coupons, including packing door knocking boxes and material boxes.
  • Understand the considerations for door knocking box size and weight, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.



  • Introduction to Real Estate Coupons
  • What You Will Learn
  • What are Real Estate Coupons?
  • Benefits of Real Estate Coupons
  • Introduction to Partnering with Local Businesses
  • The Vital Importance of Realtors Building Community Relationships with Local Businesses
  • Real Estate Tracking - Track Partnerships
  • Creating Coupons for Local Businesses
  • Price or Percentage - Marketing Consideration
  • How To Get Free Marketing As A Realtor
  • Types of Coupons
  • Community Coupon Types - Options and Choices
  • Oil Tank Scan
  • Pack and Prepare Your Coupons
  • Packing Door Knocking Box
  • Your Material Box
  • Door Knocking Box Consideration - Size and Weight
  • Door Knocking Box Considerations